h(ohm) * also know as hΩ

HΩ is a video landscape exploring a return to a place of early memories - a familial circuit - where the beginning and the end collide and the current is immeasurable but still flowing.

This video uses footage from an emotional return to my childhood house in Calgary, mashed together with text about the transformation of spawning salmon, mashed together again with the super mario landscape devoid of anything, anyone. The video explores ideas of home and transformation within a digitized landscape. The gurgling sounds are the sounds of a human gurgling as though they were a spawning salmon returning to the place of their birth to die. The song Ride on King Jesus – no man can hinder you – references the colonizing capacities of the digital age along with the alienation and seclusion happening in our neighbourhoods because of the impact of technologies in our homes.

h(ohm) from Myfanwy Ashmore on Vimeo.