mario is drowning


hacked video game rom

Artists crack the game code –Interacess Media Arts Centre with RSG, Yumi & Co, Tasman Richardson and others curated by Heather Corcoran, Distributed in Novel Amusements - Dvd zine published by NoMediaKings, Toronto, Avatar Curated by Malcolm Smith, Australian Centre for Photography,

I removed all of the enemies, performance enhancing drugs, and money,
and architecture so the water becomes a lake again, and so all that
mario can do is jump, walk, run around up and down and swim never quite
finding anywhere to hold on, to rest, inside the confinement of the altered
game. eventually you run out of “air” and then you die.


Mario trilogy - mario battle no.1, mario doing time, mario is drowning from Myfanwy Ashmore on Vimeo.