For Current (in progress) Research: New Machines for Inefficiency

New Machines for Inefficiency: Devices for Interacting with Strangers
Two devices for two participants to communicate with each other non verbally using prosthetic controllable eyes.


Syslogd is a two part installation consisting of a video and a dying animatronic bird.

syslogd: nuisance.log

A mechanical copper moth flutters inside a box trapped. The audio element in this work is the mechanical sound of the fluttering inside the box. This work is an homage to the beautiful nuisance within a series of works called Sylogd. 

Sistren Sphagnum

Sistren Sphagnum is an installation within a forest on the property of the Don Blanche residency. In August 2013 I was invited to participate in the Don Blanche Residency

Over the course of 10 days, I created an installation to be installed within the forest on the property.

02071944 127349 4. E. 8.

A tissue paper dress made from a World War II vintage pattern left out in the rain on a clothesline to disintegrate.


Flop is a two part installation consisting of a game and a somewhat obscurely installed projected floppy disk. 

Gameboy Portraits

Two haiku poems that function as family portraits on the Nintendo Gameboy.

Mobile Poems: TTC not a Haiku -

scrollable TTC map & poem on a Nintendo Ds.

Mobile Poems: .exe

.exe is a poem exploring scribbling, writing scripts in the workplace and waiting on a Nintendo DS

Mobile Poems: Dear Sirs 

Dear Sirs is a workplace related resignation poem and marking of time using mesostics to embed secret information within the poem  on a Nintendo DS

Mobile Poems: 10 watts left 

A poem on the Nintendo DS that requires the participant to tap the touch screen to reveal the discussion about  creative energy and burnout.

Annulus Circuits

A bunch of wearables for dancers for a performance: Mobius Rings

Sweater Hack

A two person sweater controller. The users wearing the sweater collaborate to control the "game"

43o40'22.60'' N 79o26'04.80'' W -Google earth rooftop quilt

A collaborative project involving many volunteers constructing a quilt for a rooftop installation to be embedded into the Google Earth system over 4 years.

Hold My Baby (in real time)

Facebook friends both known and unknown were contacted to come and hold my new baby.

Grand Theft Love song

A machinima video where I control Nico Bellic in Grand Theft Auto IV an make him dance inside his safehouse.


A video project project exploring notions of home.Take a ride on a salmon through the wilds of suburbia 

Dance Dance Evolution

Women from horror movies edited so they appear to dance to Bill Munroe's blue grass tunes.

gameover ascii-nation 

gameover zombientation in ascii on a white backround. ascii letters disappear and the meanings along with it.


The sombrella - an umbrella on a microphonoe stand spins one way then reverses itself repeatedly.

surveillance devices for retired cold war spies at parties

Two hats with baby monitors embedded in them - with long cables - plugged into the wall. 

dors dehors 

A cold war era red suitcase with ticking timer embedded ticks away, as well as a metronome in encased in a metal box. turn the ticker, and you will hear a sweet accordian lullabye en francais: dors dors petit enfant emmanating from a Klaxon emergency loudspeaker. when the time runs out - the metronome starts again. 


Five giant paper fabricated wheat weevils with tiny motors,infest and dig in a mason jar filled with wheat kernels. touch the jar -a sensed intrusion - the motion is frozen.

Hettie and Jack


An iron controls image of my great grandmother and her son who died in Burma in WWII. As the iron is moved around - the image of my grandfather (infant) disappears and reappears.

terminal poetry: locate

A futile attempt at locating friends through the terminal 

terminal poetry: sh

Exploring the sh command and the desire for calm 

terminal poetry: this terminal poem

exploring the built in terminal commands and their potential social meanings 

terminal poetry: if exist

Thoughts and scripts run as visual poems wondering about existence 

gameover zombienation

I played the game ZombieNation to achieve a score of 000000. The gameover screen fades to black. This video was a response to Clear Channel censoring another work for Dundas Square.

... -.-- -- -... .. --- - . / - . .- -.-. .... / -- . / .... --- .-- / - --- / ..-. .-.. -.--

fluttering paper moths and motors 
mario going nowhere

I modified the game to break it so Mario walks and gets stuck on the block for infinity.The controller becomes useless as well.
mario trilogy

The various hacked mario game rom games grouped together as a trilogy 

seven years

Accumulated power cables while I was working as an IT Technician at the Ontario College of Art & Design rolled into a big ball

A giant yarn ball controlls behaviour & flight of a tiny animated moth


An interactive singing faucet: singing "je suis malade et malheureuse...." 


I played various games to reach a score of zero, avoiding all enemies, goals, monetary rewards. The Gameover screens were then printed on canvas.

hello nurse

Some posters around Seoul,Korea 


A hacked video game rom: swims around and runs out of air 


A hacked video game rom: mario trapped behind walls doing time 

missing machines: missing you

An interactive phone & video installation using custom ringdown circuit, microcontrollers, video & Max/Msp 

mario battle no.1

a hacked video game rom that people can play 

wall socket cosies

A series of embroidered wall socket cosies installed over exisiting wall sockets.


A communication device to interact with "Rotting Grapefruits" 


A chair with embedded sensor, sink with audio speakers, computer controlled audio.

whispering wall v2.0

An interactive wall socket sound installation built for Rob Ray's Deadtech Gallery in Chicago for an exhibition with Norm White.

whispering wall v.1.1

An interactive wall socket/sound installation 

office Hertz

Collaborative sound piece using electromagnetic signals from office computers & am/fm radio. 

john stephanie and me 

Wall socket controllers for interactive video installation in which the children in a photograph disappear.


Space bear transmitting help requests, and emitting air traffic control information 

enarmoured euphorbia v.1.2

interactive talking wall sockets 

enarmoured euphorbia v.1

Interactive talking wall sockets 



ARCHIVES: (In progress - digging through the archives. contact me if you need any of this info urgently)

intimacy machines: the entity

A php scripted web entity (note: site no longer active, only main page archive) 


A pod/sphere constructed of stuffed animal pelts

soundtrack of the transcanada highway

Crocheted rabbit embroidered with resistors and photocell in eye inside suitcase + computer audio.

I've got a new heart 

A video edit mix of cartoons, plundered sounds and myself 

some fetish clothes 

Clear plastic clothing with implanted digital voice recorders


A modified toy rabbit from my childhood 

chemical suit/dad said don't lick the glowy tape 

Modified chemical paper suit with bunny ears inspired by playing quake.


A bunny in space suit/diving suit with water bubbling around inside it's head, powered by aquarium pump, attached to a sink 


A chaos star embedded with photo cells to interact with to hear poetry composed randomly from collection of themed words contrasting intimacy and technology 

plastique e strange 

A bunny encased in sheet plastic emitting sound from it's eyes 

pixel love

pixel love website circa 1996 

you feel so good

A steel bed, pillow, video with deep voice saying: you feel so good 

mutant bunny 

A modified toy car & fabricated mutant bunny - voice activated with 3 commands. Requires yelling 

hypnocrit starring mesmerelda

A trapeze powered by electro magnets, video loop 

spinning bed 

A mechanical interactive examination bed 

the yellow wallpaper 

A speed relative talking bicycle wheel 

contact with zebtron 

A space helmet with radio disruption device, rubber satellite dish with radio 


Two sock bunnies that plug into the wall and are curled up together spooning 

2.2 uf 50 v 9,000 hz

A painting of rabbit plugged in with a capacitor between its ears. 

electric diptych

Two paintings of children. One with wall socket and one with anexit sign